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Laurann Dohner

For most, a plane crash means the end of life. For Dusti Dawson, it's just the beginning...Dusti and her sister Batina survived the crash, thanks to a couple of brothers who are equal parts menacing a

ISBN10 : 9781944526016 , ISBN13 : 1944526013

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Lord Of Janissaries

Jerry Pournelle Baen Publishing Enterprises

Three best-selling Jerry Pournelle masterpieces in one volume for the first time: Janissaries and Tran. A modern soldier is transported by aliens to a world filled with warriors through the ages inclu

ISBN10 : 162579438X , ISBN13 : 9781625794383

Page Number : 896


Jerry Pournelle Baen Publishing Enterprises

Finding himself on the distant world of Tran, which is populated by humans from all Earth times, former mercenary Rick Galloway, now known as Lord Rick, must unite the warring nations of the planet to

ISBN10 : 1618248251 , ISBN13 : 9781618248251

Page Number : 688


Jerry Pournelle Baen Publishing Enterprises

Reluctantly volunteering for a dangerous mission, Captain Rick Galloway and his men are cut off in hostile territory when the CIA pulls out their support, an event that is further complicated when an

ISBN10 : 1618248200 , ISBN13 : 9781618248206

Page Number : 256


Leia Stone Leia Stone

Werewolves, facing the threat of extinction, desperately seek their mates to bear young. Aurora, a human far removed from the supernatural world, is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in

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Page Number : 294